At Prequel Systems, we provide the most talented individuals to help your business grow and reach new heights
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Why Prequel?
We specialize in talent solutions and consulting services, we are focused on delivering the expertise and talent that a customer needs to succeed. Prequel Systems helps clients connect with trained, talented, global team members.
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Digital Marketing
Prequel Systems is a dynamic, multipurpose Digital Marketing agency that rely on its own search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing skills to drive customers to the website.
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Aims to provide cost-effective, highly personalized and efficient solution


Our healthcare IT services help organizations confront and unravel complex medical services difficulties they face each day. Enhance your capacity to build your full value to your network, provider offices, or different partners through a solid partnership.

Software & App Development

Affordable and modern technologies have the power to make any sector efficient and the best in quality for the majority of the population around the world.

Why you should outsource?


Outsourcing can reduce your labor expenditures by 75%, thereby maximizing your profits and savings

Boost Efficiency

Outsourcing can give you direct access to a global talent pool thereby enhancing your business efficiency and customer care


Outsourcing your business can lead to sustainable growth, and allow you to scale faster than your competitors.

Company Overview

Prequel Systems is a rapidly growing Healthcare IT company operating from Texas, US looking to expand its business. We aim to provide top-notch talent and resources along with cost-effective, highly personalized, and efficient solutions to our clients abroad.

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What Services do Prequel Systems offer for your Healthcare business?

Our reliable and highly personalized healthcare solutions can increase your customer retention, improve your business operational quality, help you to scale your business exponentially

Software and App Development

Software and App Development

Custom Software and App Development
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Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Coding, Patient Registration & Scheduling, Eligibility & Insurance Check, Medical Billing, Denial Management, and Demographic Charge capture
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Website Development, SEO for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, E-mail marketing for outbound leads, Social Platforms marketing, Content Marketing, Google Ads
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Call Center (IB/OB)

Call Center (IB/OB)

Prequel Call Center services combine cost reduction and process improvement with excellent customer service, quality assurance and highly trained employees.
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Your Offshoring Process

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Project Initiation and Go Live

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